• FAQ
Is this FDA approved?

Yes, Our all products FDA registered.

How heavy is your scooters?

Dragon Mobile is 63 lbs (28.5 Kg) Dragon Mobile EX is 65 lbs ( 30 Kg )

Can you adjust the seat height of the Dragon Mobil scooters?

The seat height of the Dragon Mobil scooters cannot be heightened, it is stationary but the directional bar height can be adjusted However, the seat of the Dragon Mobil EX can be adjusted to be closer or further away to the direction bar which is also adjustable.

Is the scooter good on all terrain?

Yes, It is

How much weight does Hercules Lite hold ?

Hercules Lite (EX) models hold up to 280 lbs

How heavy is the hercules?

The hercules Lite (EX) is around 72 lbs

What are the tire materials? Are they solid or inflatable like a bike tire?

All tires of Bangeran Products are Inflatable but we can customize it to have solid tires

What is the warranty?

Warranty: 6 Months for Motor and Joystick Controller and the Battery, 1 years for Frame and other spare parts for our wheelchairs Warranty: 6 Months for Motor and the Battery, 1 years for other spare parts for our scooters

How do you remove the seat from the DMX itself?

There is a horizontal bar that you can pull towards yourself that releases itself from the scooter

Is the batery rechargable?

Yes, The battery is rechargeable for all Bangerans products

How many batteries one or two are they airline approved? Do you have to remove them before boarding a place?

There is a battery included with the wheelchair and they are approved for airline and cruise travel. You do not need to remove them.

Are you able to push the wheelchair?

You can only push the wheelchairs if the wheelchair is not turned on, or if the wheels are switched to the manual mode.

Can the wheelchairs fit through my doors?

The standard door width of American houses are 36 inches wide, so the wheelchairs would go through with ease.

How long do the batteries last with one charge?

The wheelchairs have two batteries, the 12 AH and the 20 AH battery. The 12 AH batteries can go 12 miles and the 20 AH batteries can go 20 miles. The scooters have two batteries as well, the 8.2 AH and the 15.6 AH battery. The 8.2 AH batteries can go 12 miles and the 15.6 AH batteries can go 25 miles.