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Extend Your Electric Wheelchair?s Battery Life

Extend Your Electric Wheelchair’s Battery Life

Battery life is crucial to keeping your electric wheelchair running at maximum efficiency. Here are some key tips to be aware of in keeping your battery healthy, how long they’re expected to last, and when its time for a replacement.

How long do electric wheelchair batteries last?

Usually, the average battery lasts upwards of a year or two. However, this is if you properly maintain the battery. You’ll have to charge it on a consistent basis and not leave it drained. Charging every night is recommended. However, if you charge for around 8-16 hours should be sufficient to keep your battery life healthy. This will keep your battery from dying quickly due to lack of power.

Additionally, leaving your battery out of charge for a long period of time will cause it to start to break down. Should you stop using the wheelchair for a vacation or just for lack of use, you’ll need to keep your batteries charged to ensure they stay healthy. Regardless of if you’re using the chair or not, the internal computer system will be utilizing the batteries on a daily basis. This will cause them to drain when not attended to. On top of keeping your batteries healthy, look out for corrosive damage.

Corrosive battery damage

Being mindful of battery damage will come down to how you treat your chair terminals. Signs of dirt and corrosion will be easy to spot usually and just need a bit of cleaning up. You of course can do this yourself or have a family member assist. Usually, it’s simpler to have two pairs of hands keeping the surface clean. 

Invest in the best charger available

Chargers and batteries will vary in quality across brands. Having the most optimal pairing for both of these portions of your chair will keep it running optimally.

The best chargers on the market won’t use power unnecessarily. Once the battery is fully charged, it’ll shut down and avoid damage. Not all chargers have this functionality, which is why it’s best to invest in the top chargers available.

Optimize the temperature of the battery storage room

Hovering around 75 degrees, most batteries will need to be stored at around that temperature. Of course, it’s difficult to monitor this and ensure that your battery stays within that temperature always. Temperatures outside of that tight range will extend the charging time and potentially damage the battery, especially at higher temperatures.

Find the perfect wheelchair for you!

Overall, keeping your wheelchair running at optimal efficiency will just come down to a few basic maintenance focus points. Take a look at our spare parts inventory in case you need a new battery or our inventory of leading electric wheelchair models. 






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